Nonstop dispatching

Nonstop dispatching

Each MACH heat pump provides internet connection as standard. Our customers can check their heat pump from any place in the world and set its parameters at any time.

Nonstop dispatching

Unique and sophisticated software in MACH heat pump can connect itself with the producer’s dispatching in case of failure from any country. The dispatchers will find automatically the most appropriate service technician in the database to clear the malfunction and notifies him/her via e-mail and SMS about the heat pump problem. Technician is able to analyse the problem using function record and reveal the cause of the malfunction. Should on-site action be necessary (e.g. clogged strainer screen in the circulation pump of the heating circuit, dead batteries in the space thermostat, etc.), a technician closest to the site is alerted to carry out the repair with the main technician assisting remotely online. The dispatching system gathers in its databases data on all the connected heat pumps and records of their operation, malfunctions and conditions. Such a vast database allows the technicians develop improved and more powerful products. Users receive FREE updates of the heat pump firmware.

MACH heat pumps controlled via internet

Using the intelligent control system you can set the temperature in your living room while still sitting in your office. With our state-of-the-art MACH heat pump control web interface, you can keep your heat under control whenever and wherever.

Nonstop dispatching

Characteristics of new technical condition of the product

The latest trend in heating is to connect the heat pump to Central Management Dispatching. TC MACH is the pioneer in the field of intelligent heating systems and deserves its place at the edge of the field. Even our existing customers do not have to worry that they would forfeit this hot innovation. Our technicians will update the firmware in the control boards of already installed pumps free of charge. Such updated pumps are then capable of standard communication with the central dispatching. Central dispatching offers advantages not only for users, but also for the company. It allows servicing the system worldwide, which makes our entrance to foreign markets easy, as our Remote Management Dispatching is as sophisticated and complex as no other system in any country. We are the only one to possess such competitive advantage.

Dispatching system is a permanent online connection between the individual installed heat pumps and the central dispatching receiving regular reports in SMS messages. A huge increasing database is being filled with operation data, experience base based on service reports, and process algorithms. In addition to regular-interval reports, the Dispatching records non-standard messages with malfunctions which it can immediately react to.

Some malfunctions may even not make it to the user’s attention. When the malfunction can be cleared remotely via internet, it will be cleared by the service technician directly from the dispatching or from any computer connected to the dispatching.

Simplified Dispatching function scheme:

  1. A heat pump connected to Dispatching incorporates intelligent algorithms helping identify the malfunction at standard operation and react to it automatically. This is prevention against serious malfunctions which would happen if the elementary ones were not identified in their origin. Supervising system is based on expert systems principle, which is an advanced control variant based on artificial intelligence principles. Information saved in knowledge base are constantly modified and added with new entries. The system is able to learn from new events. Knowledge database is one of the main pillars of further development as it contains large amount of data suitable for expert analysis and provides feedback to our R&D team.
  2. Should the heat pump enter fault condition despite the precaution, it sends a message to the central Dispatching and tries to eliminate the malfunction using its own built-in software. Provided it succeeds in clearing the malfunction, it sends alarm cancelling message to the central Dispatching.
  3. Upon receiving the alarm message from a heat pump, Central Dispatching immediately searches for an assigned service technician to send the message with the malfunction code to. To handle the malfunction condition, the service technician makes use of the knowledge base linked to the Dispatching. Provided it is not possible to fix the heat pump fault remotely, our service coordinator for the given country sends the closest service technician to the site where the service action is carried out. The system uses several protection levels. Also, Central Dispatching supervises whether the malfunction was cleared by the local subsidiary by certain time. If not, the Dispatching sends an e-mail message directly to a Dispatcher who can find out why that malfunction has not still been cleared. Our customers are assured that if the malfunction is not cleared by our contractual company, our headquarters is notified about it and remedial measures are taken.
    The main advantages are lower service costs and lower skill demands for our foreign partners, because they will be in direct contact with the specialist at our headquarters through the central management. The specialist will provide professional guidance to clear the malfunction remotely.
  4. Provided the malfunction is critical and cannot be cleared by a local technician, our specialist carries out direct service action on site. Even though such variant is highly unlikely to happen, we are ready for it.

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