Family houses with heating control needs

Chameleon energetic unit is a new-generation state-of-the-art heat pump with extra accessory, minimum space demands, very quiet operation and high control comfort. It meets high demands for heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating. As standard, Chameleon energetic unit can control several different external appliances, solar system, pool filtration and domestic hot water circulation. In standard configuration, Chameleon offers internet connection (you just need a net cable) for nonstop connection to our dispatching and for comfortable control of the system through user-friendly web interface from any place in the world.

Electronically controlled refrigerant injection and Copeland’s ZH compressors combined with advanced intelligent regulation ensures the requested thermal comfort even at the lowest temperature of the heating water and noticeably increases the operation economy.

However, you can save even more with our products. Unique MACH VHM patented system used with air-water heat pumps can save expenses for energy, because it defrosts the outdoor evaporators by the residual heat from the cooling circuit without a power cut in the heating power.

With its indoor as well as outdoor compact design, the Chameleon system installation is very quick. After connecting to our dispatching, the whole energetic system is remotely adjusted for an optimum operation.

As an option, the Chameleon energetic unit offers mobile phone control.

Power range: 8.5-40kW at A0/W50 (outside air 0°C, heating water 50°C)

Heat pump types:

People today put increasing demands on their houses. Houses are designed for comfortable living as well as relaxation while having to deliver thermal comfort and meet conditions not only for nature-friendly but also wallet-friendly operation.

MACH energetic units based on heat pumps and incorporating an extensive regulation and remote control by means of web interface produce an intelligent solution for our most demanding customers. As an inspiration, take a look at some of realizations we have carried out.

Our customer from the Northern Moravia requested complex heating, pool water heating as well as domestic hot water heating into all of the bathrooms, and also cooling in the summer. It was a wooden family house with already installed ventilation with recuperation of output air. We recommended and then also installed MACH Chameleon energetic unit with second power stage. "Double" heat pump with intelligent control can work as an additional heat source above primary heating to ensure higher temperature of domestic hot water or as combined cooling (air in the summer) and heating (pool water and domestic hot water). In this specific case, an existing ventilation exchanger is used in the cooling progress while making use of the exhaust heat for heating the water. This way, high performance with optimum costs can be achieved. Remote control of the energetic unit also allows controlling the process from any place in the world to the user with a computer connected to the internet.

Implementing our system in a large family house in Prague, we used Chameleon system to handle heating in habitable rooms, pool hall and pool, and cooling two wine cellars. After installing the system, cooling the wine cellars produced the heat needed for pool and pool hall heating. We also made use of the existing source of heat - a gas boiler - as an alternative heat source in case of extremely cold winter. This solution will save on heating CZK 100,000 (about EUR 4,167) a year.

You can’t see it. But you can feel it’s there. In each single room of your home. Yesterday impossible, today reality. The CHAMELEON. Be demanding. Order to heat, cool or warm up. Your living rooms, pool, sauna, garage, conservatory. One CHAMELEON for all of this? Sure. It keeps an eye on clime in the whole house. It keeps an eye on energy consumption. It even keeps an eye on itself. Everything’s harmonised. Nothing’s happening for nothing. A perfect organism. Perfect harmony.

Chameleon, the thermal control unit

Let CHAMELEON step inside your home. You won’t see it. But you’ll feel it’s there.

The control unit controls and monitors the cooling circuit, solar system, heating system, domestic hot water heating, pool heating and electronic refrigerant injection. It can control other facilities (sauna, window jalousie), circuit breakers cut-off, additional sources, ventilation, entrance drive heating, regulation, mutual appliances blocking for home circuit breaker capacity optimisation, etc. Domestic hot water heating is handled highly effective in up to three levels.

Thanks to one control unit, all the possible measured parameters can be set and monitored remotely using a computer or a cell phone. With an integrated control system, you can reach the most optimum operation of the power unit. The whole system can be linked to TC MACH, s.r.o. dispatching. This solution provides for identification of a malfunction without service technician having to solve the problem on-site. Should the malfunction be more complicated, requiring an on-site action, it is cleared in very short time.

Why did CHAMELEON project start

More than 700 installations of heat pumps. Each sort of original and unique. Different realizations, different applications, different requirements and conditions. Knowledge, experience and long-time research have led in natural way to designing a perfect energetic centre, combining long-time practice with future technology. Our vision received a specific form and name, CHAMELEON.

CHAMELEON meets all the requirements for a high quality control of energetic processes in your house. By monitoring the cooling circuit of the heat pump, it provides for thermal comfort while operating both the cooling circuit and its auxiliary sources in the most effective way. Our system’s big advantage is defrosting of the outdoor evaporator without a power cut in the heating power and without having to supply extra energy to the evaporator to defrost.

Computer-controlled refrigerator injection module ensures the most effective operation of the cooling circuit. Perfect function is supported with a brand new design giving state-of-the-art and sleek appearance.

Silent and high-performance evaporators improve the efficiency of the system

CHAMELEON controls the operation of evaporators so they use the residual heat in the cooling circuit effectively. It improves the efficiency of the entire system and ensures its year-round economic operation.

Many generations of designers have striven not only for minimisation of the wasting time during the outdoor evaporators defrosting, but also for utilisation of the residual heat in the cooling circuit - the heat that could not make it to be delivered to the heating water. Designing the MACH VHM high performance system, the foremost experts’ findings were used. We succeeded in putting togetherthe advantages of all the known heat pumps, such as constant operation, stable heat output as well as safe primary source. With low-speed fans and large-surface overpressure evaporators, low outdoor noise level was achieved. These assets of our products are the key for us to range among the absolute top.

We offer what you have been seeking: comfort into your lifestyle.

CHAMELEON is new to our offer. It is unbeatable. It supplies thermal comfort into the whole house. From the kitchen through sauna to garage and pool. Everything is controlled from a single place. Smartly devised, precisely realized, technologically at the top.

CHAMELEON represents what you’re looking for. A luxury. A tailored production. A perfect design. High quality and durable materials. At first sight you can see we offer the best what you can find.

CHAMELEON thermal and control unit options

The control unit controls and monitors:
  • cooling circuit
  • solar system
  • heating system
  • domestic hot water heating
  • pool or pool technology heating
  • electronic refrigerant injection control
  • optionally - other facilities control:
    • sauna
    • window jalousie
    • circuit breakers cut-off checking
    • the most effective auxiliary source control
    • ventilation (air-conditioner)
    • entrance driveway heating
    • IRC regulation
    • mutual appliances blocking for home circuit breaker capacity optimisation

The whole system can be linked to TC MACH, s.r.o. dispatching. This solution provides for identification of a malfunction without service technician having to solve the problem on-site. Should the malfunction be more complicated, requiring an on-site action, it is cleared in very short time time.

CHAMELEON thermal and control unit [ PDF ]
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